Insoles, convenient for any foot

  • OPS-200 : It relaxes foot joints and muscles, and ensures balanced walk by virtue of its special curved form
  • ECP-200 : With special anatomical form , rigid and flexible feature ECP-200 insoles enhances walking comfort by controlling joint pronation.Suitable for feet with plantar fasciitis.
  • MB-200 : It provides support in order to prevent flat-footedness, by adjusting to the shape of mushroom insole foot anatomy
  • EB-200 : With special anatomical semi-rigid from, eva insoles provides ideal walking comfort for sensetive feet. Suitable with feet in shoe applications.
  • TB-200 : With special anatomical form, soft, leather-covered and polyurethane feature, TB-200 insoles suitable for feet with callus, circulation disorder, plantar fasciitis, etc...
  • TDB-200 : These are insoles with specail suspesion characteristics and covered with anti-bacterial particularly material. TDB-200 designed specially for diabetic feet and suitable with feet in shoe applications.

Body stance is highly significant in musculoskeletal systems. Shoe inner soles must be tailor-made to deal with the various ailments arising from unsuitable footwear and various medical conditions (Phocolemy, amputation, traffic accident injuries etc.). All our insole models are ompatible with our special arch supports.