Diabetic Foot Health

TDO Therapy shoes, as a part of a diabetic’s treatment are footwear manufactured according the diabetic’s “foot history”. The diabetic foot is a case, ensuing in feet of many among diabetic patients over time. The major difficulty reveals itself in the deterioration of neuropathy-foot nerves and loss of sensation in the foot.

Blood sugar levels cause the veins to constrict and capillary vessels to become clogged during the advanced stages of this ailment. These circumstances make foot recuperation difficult. If the patient neglects proper foot care, this can lead to the development of gangrene. Ultimately, this can lead to amputation of the foot.

TDO Therapy footwear can be called the "Diabetic Shoe", thanks to its protective and rehabilitating properties.

The purpose of TDO Therapy-Diabetic shoes is to avoid the emergence of symptoms which may occur in diabetic feet, to extend the life of diabetic feet, to prevent the development of many orthopedic feet difficulties/problems, and to provide THERAPY for exhausted and painful feet.

Diabetic Neuropathy

Lesions on diabetic skin.

Callus on diabetic foot

Diabetic foot injuries

Diabetic circulatory abnormalities

Diabetic sareo foot syndrome

Morton's neuroma in diabetic feet

Foot temperature disorder in diabetic foot

Diabetic ingrown toenail and related foot problems

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Thanks to the healthy comfort provided by TDO Therapy footwear and arch supports - whether ready-to-wear or individualized custom-made – you will be able to relax. TDO Therapy footwear could be called “the Diabetic’s friend” by virtue of its protective and rehabilitating characteristics.

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