Therapeutic Silver Socks

    Prevents to growth of bacterias and germs, also prevents unpleasant foot odor formation.

    Four season heat regulation feature keeps feet warm in winter and cool in summer.

    Prevents to fungal growth

    It allows you to feel comfortable thanks to the X-Static features which helps to remove static energy from your body.

    Natural feature of silver sock helps to encourage blood circulation and treatment effectively.

    It is called diabetic socks especially thanks to its significant effectiveness in diabetics.

    It should be used for protection of dermatologic lesions that may occur in your skin.

Properties of the Therapeutic Silver Socks

Rubber braid which does not constrict the ankle
Facecloth sole protecting the feet against impact
Elegant design
Seamless shoe-toe model
Anti bacterial silver knit enlacing the leg

Benefits of Therapeutic Silver Socks

Avoids foot perspiration
Avoids creation of foot odour
Prevents the reproduction of tinea pedis, microbes and bacteria
Boosts blood circulation, eliminates edema
Keeps feet cool in summer, warm in winter.